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Mississippi Cool-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2011-12

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Varieties of forage crops are evaluated every year in MAFES small-plot trials. Seed for the entries are provided by seed companies and state universities and tested at one or more locations across Mississippi. All entries from privately owned companies are tested on a fee basis. Standard varieties may be added by MAFES as a reference for comparison purposes. In addition, varieties of interest may also be added when applicable. This report contains data collected in 2012 from warmseason perennial and annual forage crops. Seeded bermudagrass yields include 2 years of data from 18 varieties. Annual warm-season grass entries include four crabgrass and four teffgrass varieties in addition to 15 varieties of sorghum, sudangrass, sorghum/sudangrass hybrids, and pearl millet. In Poplarville, the crabgrass and teffgrass trial was abandoned to poor germination and native weed pressure. Seeded bermudagrass trials were only evaluated in Starkville. Sorghum and sudangrass trials were successful for data collection in Starkville, Holly Springs, and Poplarville. Quality data is available for the summer annuals but not for the bermudagrass trial. Seeding rates for each trial are listed in Table 1 and were adjusted for pure live seed (PLS) according to each entry germination and purity percentage.

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