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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
IS1351 Preparing Food During a Power Failure Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response, Food Safety, Nutrition January 18, 2019
IS1531 Protect Your Health From Infections Health January 18, 2019
IS1530 Your Role as Education Chair of a Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Club Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers January 18, 2019
IS1521 Use Medicines Safely Health January 18, 2019
6034 Free Stall Barn for 62 Cows Dairy January 23, 2017
IS1501 Winter Drawdown: A Useful Management Tool for Mississippi Farm Ponds Farming, Fisheries January 24, 2020
IS1487 Measuring Your Blood Pressure Health January 18, 2019
IS1601 Did You Know At 1 Month I Can ... Children and Parenting January 18, 2019
IS1550 Mycotoxin in Swine Diets Swine January 18, 2019
IS1562 Easy-To-Grow Herbs for the Landscape Herb Gardens June 6, 2018
IS1563 Minimizing Aflatoxin in Corn Corn January 23, 2019
IS1572 Competition Control for Cottonwood Plantation Establishment Biofuels, Forest Management July 26, 2019
IS1574 Tank Mixtures of Forestry Site Preparation Herbicides Can Be Antagonistic Forestry October 24, 2018
IS1575 Basic Food Safety Tips for Food Service Personnel ServSafe July 26, 2019
IS1578 Mississippi 4-H Junior Master Gardener Program - Guidelines for Extension Agents Youth Projects, Master Gardener, Youth Gardening October 16, 2019
IS1580 Nonchemical Weed Control For Homeowners Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden January 23, 2019
IS1590 What is a Fishing Derby? Fisheries January 23, 2019
IS1587 Agricultural Limestone's Neutralizing Value Soils January 23, 2019
IS1602 Ten Steps to a Successful Mississippi 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. Program 4-H SAFETY April 2, 2020
IS1603 Objectives of the Mississippi 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. Program 4-H SAFETY April 2, 2020