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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3294 5 Ways to Grow Your Local Foods Business with Facebook Local Flavor January 11, 2019
M2265 Conversation Starters - Table Talk Cards Family December 12, 2018
F1178 Soybean Nematode Sample Submission Form Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services October 24, 2019
IB0534 Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2018 Crops, Grains December 10, 2018
P3299 DIY: Yarn Bow String Silencers 4-H SAFETY, Youth Projects December 10, 2018
P3300 Factors to Consider Before Planting Longleaf Pine Trees, Forestry, Longleaf Pine December 10, 2018
P2100 Take the Guesswork Out of Roasting a Turkey Food December 5, 2018
P3287 Food Safety Certification and Market Access Food Safety November 28, 2018
P3296 2018 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat November 21, 2018
P3295 2019 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn November 21, 2018
P3291 Dry-Cow Therapy: Aseptic Infusion Dairy November 19, 2018
P3290 Dry-Cow Therapy: Choosing the Best Protocol for Your Dairy Dairy November 19, 2018
P3307 2018 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn December 18, 2018
IB0533 Mississippi Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials, 2018 Corn November 16, 2018
P3285 4-H SAFETY Ambassador Manual 4-H SAFETY, SAFETY Ambassador Program January 4, 2019
P3292 Village Chicken Production in Rural Africa Poultry June 13, 2019
P3280 Multiflora Rose Weed Control for Lawn and Garden, Invasive Plants November 9, 2018
P3293 Combatting Bed Bugs in Broiler Breeder Houses Poultry June 13, 2019
P3289 Newcastle Disease in Backyard Chickens Poultry June 13, 2019
P3288 Forage Risk Management Using Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance Agricultural Economics, Forages November 5, 2018