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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Updated Date
P2756 Sources of Secondary Socio-Economic Data Economic Development, Rural Development January 11, 2019
P2944-260 Southaven City Retail Sales Profile Economic Development December 2, 2016
P3480-337 Southaven COVID 19 Sales Subject to Sales Tax Analysis Economic Development June 30, 2020
P2945‐260 Southaven Retail Analysis Economic Development November 30, 2016
P2893 Southern Pine Density Management for a Healthier Forest Forest Economics, Wood Products October 11, 2018
P3389-91 Southwest Region Economic Contribution of Agricultural Sales Economic Development September 19, 2019
6221 Sow Gestation House April 14, 2014
P3477 Soybean Grain Quality Results for MG IV (Clay Soil) RR2X Varieties from the 2019 On-Farm Variety Demonstration Soybeans June 29, 2020
P3478 Soybean Grain Quality Results for MG V RR2X Varieties from the 2019 On-Farm Variety Demonstration Soybeans June 30, 2020
F1178 Soybean Nematode Sample Submission Form Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services October 24, 2019
P3337 Soybean Seed Quality Results for MG IV Varieties from the 2018 On-Farm Variety Demonstration Soybeans June 21, 2019
P3166 Soybeans 2018 Planning Budgets Agricultural Economics, Soybeans November 16, 2017
P3348 Soybeans 2019 Planning Budgets Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Soybeans, Farming May 6, 2019
IS0873 Soybeans: Liming and Fertilization Soils, Soybeans, Soil Testing February 6, 2019
F0556 Spending Analysis Basic Money Management March 19, 2019
M1417 Spice it Up! Food December 19, 2019
P2780 Spring and Fall Broiler Production Presents Challenges Poultry June 13, 2019
IS1662 Spring Brings Honey Bees in Some Unwanted Places - Homes Beekeeping November 4, 2019
6046 Sprinkler Pipe Trailer April 14, 2014
P3351 Sprinklers Offer Flock Cooling Benefits and Water Conservation Opportunities Poultry February 6, 2020