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P3359 Greenhouse Sweet Potato Slip Production Budget for Mississippi Sweet Potatoes January 6, 2020
P3361 Bacterial Speck and Bacterial Spot in Tomatoes Fruit, Fruit and Nut Diseases, Vegetable Diseases March 31, 2020
P3362 Marigolds (Tagetes erecta) for the Farmer Florist Commercial Horticulture, Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Flower Gardens June 20, 2019
P3363 2019 Legislative Session Summary City and County Government June 21, 2019
P3364 Creating a Farm-to-Table Event Food and Health, Health June 12, 2019
P3365 Understanding Your Mortgage Family Financial Management, Housing and Homebuyer May 22, 2019
P3365 Water Resource Management BMPs for Golf Courses
 in Louisiana and Mississippi Environment November 7, 2019
P3366 Hunter Etiquette 4-H Safety Programs June 10, 2019
P3367 The Asian Longhorned Tick: A New Invasive Tick Species in the Eastern U.S. Insects-Human Pests, Insects-Pet Pests, Insects-Pests September 20, 2019
P3368 Environmental Control for Greenhouse-Grown Sweetpotato Slips Sweet Potatoes August 22, 2019
P3370 Cool-Season Bedding Plants for Central Mississippi Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens July 26, 2019
P3371 Is No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Poultry Production Sustainable? Animal Health, Poultry March 13, 2020
P3372 Effective Workplace Mentoring About Extension, Leadership July 12, 2019
P3373 Introduction to Oil and Gas Leasing Economic Development, Oil and Gas July 17, 2019
P3374 Recommended Oil and Gas Pre-Drill Parameters Oil and Gas, Economic Development December 13, 2019
P3375 Chain-of-Custody Water Testing and Well Yield Testing Economic Development, Mississippi Well Owner Network July 17, 2019
P3377-1 State of Mississippi Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development June 18, 2020
P3377-10 Chickasaw County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development July 18, 2019
P3377-11 Choctaw County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development July 18, 2019
P3377-12 Claiborne County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development July 18, 2019