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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Updated Date
P0317 4-H Introduction to Entomology 4-H, Insects, Insect Identification June 12, 2019
P1425 4-H Member's Guide to Project Work 4-H, Volunteers, Youth Projects August 22, 2018
P1277 4-H Member's Handbook 4-H November 12, 2019
P0990 4-H Officers Handbook 4-H March 7, 2017
P0900 4-H Poultry Judging Youth Poultry December 19, 2019
P2665 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. Journal 4-H SAFETY April 24, 2020
P2751 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. State Invitational Rulebook 4-H SAFETY December 5, 2019
P1566 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y.: Three-Position Rifle Shooting 4-H SAFETY April 14, 2020
P2576 4-H State Fair Coloring Book Youth Projects April 11, 2016
P2206 A Hunter's Guide to Aging and Judging Live White-Tailed Deer in the Southeast Wildlife, White-Tailed Deer May 20, 2016
P2659 A Landowner's Guide for Wild Pig Management Practical Methods for Wild Pig Control Swine, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management September 21, 2016
P2415 After the Storm: Building a Strong Family Disaster Response, Family Dynamics March 28, 2016
P2416 After the Storm: Building a Strong Marriage Disaster Response, Family Dynamics March 28, 2016
P2676 Agritourism in Mississippi: Effects and Impacts Agriculture, Agri-tourism September 16, 2016
P2713 Agronomic Suitability of Bioenergy Crops in Mississippi Agricultural Economics, Biofuels December 17, 2019
P2636 American Sycamore As a Biomass Species Wood Products February 22, 2019
P1826 Annual & Perennial Flowers For Mississippi Gardens Flower Gardens January 22, 2020
P2521 Anti-quality Factors in Beef Cattle Diets Beef November 2, 2018
P2260 Are My Pine Trees Ready to Thin? Forest Economics, Forest Management, Wood Products January 31, 2020
P2628 Artificial Insemination Programs for Cattle Livestock, Beef, Dairy January 31, 2019