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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Updated Date
P2179 Ecology & Management of the Northern Bobwhite Northern Bobwhite Quail, Wildlife Economics and Enterprises November 11, 2016
P2467 Ecology and Management Of Rabbits in Mississippi Forest Management, Wildlife, Wildlife Economics and Enterprises March 10, 2020
P2466 Ecology and Management Of Squirrels in Mississippi Wildlife, Wildlife Economics and Enterprises March 10, 2020
P2486 Economic Impact of Artificial Insemination vs. Natural Mating for Beef Cattle Herds Beef September 9, 2019
P2644 Effect of Reservoir Host and Climactic Conditions on Emerging Heartworm Disease: Part 2 Pets, Insects-Pet Pests December 7, 2015
P2740 Electronic Market Places: Three Dimensions of Profitable Online Agribusiness Marketing and Sales Opportunities Agriculture, Agri-business, Agricultural Economics June 22, 2017
P2681 Embryo Transfer in the Beef Herd Beef October 22, 2019
P2682 Embryo Transfer in the Dairy Herd Livestock, Dairy July 3, 2019
P2504 Energy in Beef Cattle Diets Beef May 7, 2018
P1879 Environmental Control for Greenhouse Tomatoes Greenhouse Tomatoes February 24, 2017
P1322 Establish and Manage Your Home Lawn Insects-Home Lawns, Turfgrass and Lawn Management, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden May 31, 2016
P2496 Establishing A Forage Fertility Program Fertilizers - Forages September 20, 2016
P2711 Establishing Hybrid Bermudagrass in Mississippi Agriculture December 12, 2019
P1758 Establishment and Maintenance of Blueberries Fruit December 16, 2015
P2290 Establishment and Production of Muscadine Grapes Fruit February 22, 2016
P2614 Estrous Synchronization in Cattle Livestock, Animal Health, Beef March 30, 2017
P2610 Estrus (Heat) Detection in Cattle Animal Health, Beef January 12, 2016
P1834 Evaluating High-Graded Hardwood Stands Forestry, Forest Management May 22, 2019
P1993 Exercise For Your Health Health April 7, 2017
P2491 Expected Progeny Differences and Selection Indices for Beef Cattle Selection Beef January 12, 2016