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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3430 COVID-19 14-Day Meal Plan AIM for CHangE, Coronavirus April 1, 2020
P3428 NAE Production Challenges Poultry Industry on Several Fronts Poultry March 13, 2020
IS1133 Local Governments and Their Services City and County Government March 10, 2020
IS1132 Political Process and Local Government Administration City and County Government March 10, 2020
P3425 Cover Crops: Seeding Rates and Planting Depths for Cool-Season Species Crops March 25, 2020
P3427 Poultry Farm Insurers Expect Proper Earth Grounding Poultry March 6, 2020
P3421 Forage Management Considerations for Horses in Mississippi Livestock March 5, 2020
P3037 How to Talk about Death with Children and Adolescents Children and Parenting March 3, 2020
P2824 Controlling Rodents on the Poultry Farm Poultry March 10, 2020
F1188 4-H Dairy Products Judging: Swiss Style Strawberry Yogurt Scorecard 4-H, 4-H Livestock Program, Youth Projects, Dairy March 5, 2020
P3422 2020 Row-Crop Returns Summary Agricultural Economics, Crops February 28, 2020
P3420 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Environment February 26, 2020
P3417 Cover Crops: Establishment and Termination Guide Agriculture February 26, 2020
P3412 Water Utility Compensation and Employee/Contractor Retention Survey Results 2018 Water March 19, 2020
P3329 How Much Water Does Your Evaporative Cooling System Need? Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Poultry February 18, 2020
P3418 Final Report: Survey of Overlooked Costs of the 2019 Backwater Flood in the Yazoo Mississippi Delta Agriculture, Disaster Response, Disaster Recovery February 17, 2020
P3416 Establishing a Hunting Lease on Your Land: Legal Considerations for Wildlife-Related Recreation Natural Resources, Wildlife February 10, 2020
P3419 2020 Mississippi Medallion Plants Commercial Horticulture, Flower Gardens February 27, 2020
M2322 2020 Mississippi 4-H Horse Show Education Contests: Rules and Regulations 4-H, Youth Horse February 10, 2020
P3409 Mississippi State Trial Garden Potting Soil Recipe Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens, Landscape and Garden Design, Vegetable Gardens January 31, 2020