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Understanding the Mississippi Agritourism Limited Liability Law

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Agritourism, which combines agriculture and tourism, may provide an opportunity for farming operations to gain additional revenue while helping visitors learn about the role and importance of agriculture. To promote agritourism’s role in economic and community development in the state, the Mississippi Legislature passed a law to provide limited liability to those who invite visitors to their farms or ranches.

This Agritourism Limited Liability Law (Mississippi Code Title 69, Chapter 53), which went into effect in 2012, gives landowners added liability protection as long as they make sensible efforts to make their property secure and alert visitors to any recognized hazards. It was amended in 2014 but will be repealed in 2018 unless the legislature makes it permanent. This publication seeks to bring accurate information to current and potential agritourism operators on the legislation. More information can be obtained by visiting the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) agritourism website.

Under the law, agritourism operators must post warning signs with specific language in prominent locations. Whether the operation has paying or nonpaying visitors, it must register with MDAC to be covered under the law. This statute is not a substitute for general or event liability insurance, but it can assist in mitigating risk for registered operators who have taken proper precautions.

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