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The Community Biodiversity Index and Biodiversity Awareness

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Mississippi State University Extension, along with its community partners, conducts Mississippi BioBlitzes to measure and demonstrate local biodiversity to residents. The BioBlitz is a great way for schools, religious institutions, and other community groups to sample the diversity of life within a given area. A BioBlitz takes place over twelve or twenty-four hours during which community members team up with scientists to find and identify as many living species as possible. The event usually takes place in a park, school ground, or similar open, natural area. During the scientist-led walks, participants learn about herbaceous plants, trees, mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. They also learn about the importance of biodiversity. Learn more in this Extension publication, What is a BioBlitz?. This publication describes biodiversity, measures of biodiversity, and how they can be used with the BioBlitz.


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