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Municipal Budgets and Tax Levies

Publication Number: P2860
Updated: January 22, 2016
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Mississippi law requires municipalities to adopt a formal budget. Generally, a budget is a plan of action for a fiscal year representing the choices of the governing authorities as to how the municipality will allocate its limited resources among various competing demands. The budget also serves to justify the need to levy taxes for the support of municipal operations. 

All Mississippi municipalities are required to follow very specific budgetary procedures. These laws attach a wide range of conditions to the preparation and use of the municipality’s budget. The following law overview should help the reader to achieve a general understanding of legal requirements. For specific information on legal requirements, references to the related Mississippi Code Sections are provided. Chapter 35 of Title 21 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated (MCA) contains the statutory requirements that municipalities must follow. 

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