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Landscape Design for Homes of the Late Victorian Era (1860-1900)

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Beautiful Victorian-era homes are prevalent throughout the South. In Mississippi, examples can be found in most small towns with plentiful examples in Natchez, Aberdeen, Columbus, Oxford, and Holly Springs. While they are not what most people think of when they imagine old Southern homes, these homes are a vital and often overlooked part of our region’s history.

Landscaping a Victorian-era property can be challenging. Unlike antebellum plantation homes, these residences were usually built in urban locations where property has been in heavy demand. For this reason, many Victorian homes have been adapted for other uses or had their properties subdivided. Further complicating matters, the landscape of such properties has often changed drastically over the years, making it quite difficult to determine the character or features of the original landscape. But with some research, determination, and effort, the owner of a Victorian residence can create a useful and appropriate landscape to complement the home’s dynamic architecture.

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