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Freezing Vegetables 4-H Food Preservation Project Unit 2

Publication Number: P1431
Updated: April 22, 2016
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The two most common methods of preserving vegetables are freezing and canning. Freezing keeps the food so cold that microorganisms cannot grow and enzyme activity is slowed down. When you can vegetables, you put them in a jar and heat them. They must be heated enough to kill microorganisms that cause spoilage, and the jar must be sealed to keep microorganisms and air out. Canning requires more work than freezing but is more economical. This publication gives information on freezing only. Here are some things you will learn:

  • What causes food spoilage.
  • How freezing prevents food spoilage.
  • The meaning of words related to food preservation for your family.
  •  How to select vegetables for freezing.
  • Steps in freezing vegetables.
  • How to use the vegetables you have preserved.

Download the PDF above to learn more on freezing vegetables to preserve them.


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