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Corn Insect Identification Guide

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Download the PDF above to see images of these corn insects:

Figures 1-13. Wire Worms (1), White Grubs (2), Seedcorn Maggot (3), Corn Root Aphid (4), Corn Leaf Aphids (5), Greenbugs (6), Southern Corn Rootworm Damage (7), Southern Corn Rootworm Immature (8), Southern Corn Rootworm Adult (9), Dead Heart Plant From Southern Corn Rootworm Feeding (10), Slug (11), Thrips Injury (12), Black Cutworm and Damage (13)

Figures 14-25. Cutworm Climbing Young Plant (14), Chinch Bug Immatures (15), Chinch Bug Adult (16), Sugarcane Beetle (17), Sugarcane Beetle Damage (18), Stunted Plants from Sugarcane Beetle (19), Billbug (20), Southwestern Corn Borer Eggs (21), Southwestern Corn Borer Leaf Etching (22), Southwestern Corn Borer Larva (23), Southwestern Corn Borer Stalk Damage (24), Overwintering Southwestern Corn Borer Larva (25).

Figures 26-37. Girdled Stalk by Southwestern Corn Borer (26), Southwestern Corn Borer Moth (27), European Corn Borer Larva (28), Ear Shank Tunneling by European Corn Borer (29), Female and Male European Corn Borer Moths (30), Sugarcane Borer Tunneling Stalk (31), Lesser Cornstalk Borer Larva (32), True Armyworm Larva (33), Fall Armyworm Larva (34), Fall Armyworm Damaged Whorl (35), Fall Armyworm Larvae in Ear Showing Inverted Y on Head Capsule (36), Corn Earworm Egg on Silks (37).

Figures 38-49. Corn Earworm Damaged Whorl (38), Corn Earworm Larva on Ear (39), Corn Earworm Larva Ear Tip Damage (40), Corn Earworm Moth (41), Brown Stink Bug Adult (42), Green Stink Bug Adult (43), Stink Bug Damage (44), “Cow Horned” Ears by Stink Bug (45), Grasshopper (46), Japanese Beetle Feeding on Silks (47), Chocolate Milk Worm (48), Chocolate Milk Worm Damage to Ear (49).

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