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4-H Officers Handbook

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Congratulations! It’s really an honor to be selected by your friends in 4-H to serve as a 4-H officer. With honors come certain responsibilities. As you assume your 4-H office, much of the responsibility for the success of your club will depend on you and the other officers.

You are now a member of a team that includes the other officers and leaders of your club. This leadership team can make the difference between a “fantastic club” that everyone wants to be a part of and a “hum-drum club” that most people couldn’t care less about! Which kind of club do you want? The choice is yours . . . the success of the club depends on your leadership team.

If this is the first time you’ve held an office in your 4-H club, you will find many new experiences in the months ahead. If you’ve held an office before, consider this an opportunity to improve your leadership skills and serve your fellow 4-H’ers in a better way.

Learn the characteristics of good officers while you learn the duties of the other officers and work as a leadership team for a successful club.

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