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4-H Coloring Book

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Making the Best Better in Mississippi

Animals and Veterinary Science

Many 4-H members learn about animals, such as SHEEP, GOATS, PIGS, COWS, and HORSES. The animals must be fed, washed, brushed, and loved.

In VETERINARY SCIENCE you can learn how to keep your pet healthy and how to tell if it is sick.

Foods, Clothing, and Childcare

In 4-H, you can learn about lots of different things. Some of these things include FOODS, CLOTHING, and CHILDCARE.

In the foods project, you’ll learn to cook and bake as well as information about vitamins and minerals.

In beginning clothing, you’ll learn to use the sewing machine to make clothes.

By learning about childcare, you’ll become a better baby sitter.

Natural Resources, Wildlife, Forestry, and Wood Science

In NATURAL RESOURCES, WILDLIFE, FORESTRY, AND WOOD SCIENCE, you’ll learn about the outdoors around you. You’ll learn to identify leaves, cones, and tracks or how to read a compass and build a campfire.

You’ll have fun being outdoors and learn more about the world around you through 4-H.


There are big animals and small animals. Big animals need a lot of room, but little animals need only a small space. Some animals can even live in a house.

As a 4-H member, you can learn about small animals like DOGS, CATS, RABBITS, POULTRY, DUCKS, and many more.

Expressive Arts and Photography

EXPRESSIVE ARTS are fun for everyone. There is always a lot to do.

Drawing pictures, painting,  and making things are all part of learning by doing. DRAMA and PERFORMING can be fun. In PHOTOGRAPHY you can learn to use a camera and take pictures.


Growing plants, flowers, and vegetables can be fun.

GARDENS come in all sizes. They can be grown in large plots, in flower beds, or in planter boxes.

You can grow your own salad or your own Halloween pumpkin. You can grow flowers and learn to arrange them in a pretty bouquet.

House plants need care, too. Do you have plants at your house?

Come join a 4-H club!

4-H’ers learn, lead, and have fun at their club meetings in their neighborhoods. 4-H’ers enjoy helping others. 4-H’ers can also show what they have learned and the new skills they have acquired with their 4-H projects. 4-H’ers make new friends and have fun in their 4-H clubs.

Publication 1990 (POD-01-20)

Distributed by Paula Threadgill, PhD, Associate Director of Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development, Extension Professor; from an earlier version by John Long, PhD, Assistant Extension Professor, 4-H Youth Development.

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