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First Aid Made Simple

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Good first aid does not depend on having a complicated or expensive assortment of supplies, although it is difficult to help in a crisis without a basic kit. This list includes items that are often vital.

Keep the first aid kit simple, so it will be easier and less expensive to restock after use. Special family conditions, such as previous allergic reactions, should also be considered. Is there a first aid kit in your car, workplace, and home?

•     Large, clean bandana
•     Scissors
•     Ipecac syrup
•     Hydrogen peroxide
•     4 x 4 sterile gauze pads
•     Elastic bandage, 2 inches
•     Ziplock bags
•     Sanitary pads (individually wrapped)
•     1-inch tape
•     Bulb syringe
•     Tweezers
•     Soap
•     Disposable latex gloves
•     Bottled of distilled water for car or outdoor first aid kit
•     Instant cold packs for sprains
•     Paper cups
•     Bandaids
•     First aid cream
•     Triple antibiotic cream
•     Cotton-tipped swabs

M859 (POD-10-15)

Distributed by Dr. David Buys, State Health Specialist, MSU Extension Service.

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