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Mississippi’s towns and communities have much in common, but each has unique characteristics. Some have only a few hundred residents and provide just basic services, while many provide the full range of municipal services to populations in the thousands. Manufacturing enterprises are the biggest employers in some municipalities. Others depend primarily on agriculture or tourism.

There is, however, one resource available to all Mississippi communities—access to community development outreach and local government training programs provided by the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Through the Extension Center for Government and Community Development (GCD), university­based and county colleagues work for positive change through partnerships with communities to address important local issues, concerns, and opportunities.

Backed by Mississippi State University research, GCD educators provide outreach programs that teach elected officials and community and business leaders how to apply the latest knowledge and technology to local issues and needs.

GCD programs include county and municipal educational programs, legislatively mandated certification programs, emergency preparedness education, drinking water programs, and community development programs.

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