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Publications Filed Under Lawn and Garden

Fruit and Nut Recommendations for Mississippi

Care & Selection of Indoor Plants

Lawn Mower Safety

  • Publication Number: P1097
    Filed Under: Lawn and Garden
    Publication Type: Publications

4-H Horticulture Handbook

  • Publication Number: P1567
    Filed Under: 4-H, Youth Gardening
    Publication Type: Publications

Planting and Care of Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes, and Roots

  • Publication Number: P1736
    Filed Under: Flower Gardens
    Publication Type: Publications

Annual & Perennial Flowers For Mississippi Gardens

  • Publication Number: P1826
    Filed Under: Flower Gardens
    Publication Type: Publications

Insect Control of Commercial Turf

Greenhouse Tomatoes: Pest Management in Mississippi

28' Greenhouse (28 x 96)

Crapemyrtle - Flower of the South

Spiders: Brown Recluse and Black Widow

Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability in Mississippi

Native Trees for Mississippi Landscapes

Control of Insect Pests In and Around the Home Lawn

Native Shrubs for Mississippi Landscapes

The Southern House Mosquito and Related Species: Biology and Control

Preserving Trees in Construction Sites

  • Publication Number: P2339
    Filed Under: Trees
    Publication Type: Publications

Insect Pests of the Home Vegetable Garden

Insect Management Guidelines for Dairy Cattle and Dairies

  • Publication Number: P2357
    Filed Under: Dairy, Insects-Pests
    Publication Type: Publications