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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3352 Relationship of Air Cell Size to Shell Temperature and Weight Loss in Broiler Hatching Eggs Poultry June 13, 2019
P3351 Sprinklers Offer Flock Cooling Benefits and Water Conservation Opportunities Poultry June 13, 2019
P3353 Beach Vitex (Vitex rotundifolia L.f.) Invasive Plants May 20, 2019
P3344 2018 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Soybeans June 18, 2019
P3341 Fowl Cholera And Infectious Coryza in Backyard Flocks Diseases, Poultry June 13, 2019
P3346 Control Cockroaches In and Around Your Home Insects, Household Insects, Insects-Pests July 11, 2019
P3343 2018 Soybean MG V RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Crops, Soybeans May 20, 2019
P3342 2018 Soybean MG IV Mid RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Crops, Soybeans May 20, 2019
P3324 How to Properly and Safely Start Your ATV ATV Safety May 7, 2019
P3326 Peanuts 2019 Planning Budgets Agricultural Economics, Peanuts May 3, 2019
P3339 2019 Soybean Variety Suggestions Soybeans May 29, 2019
P3340 Vehicle Financing 101 Family Financial Management May 7, 2019
P3337 Soybean Seed Quality Results for MG IV Varieties from the 2018 On-Farm Variety Demonstration Soybeans June 21, 2019
P3338 2018 Soybean MG IV Late RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Soybeans May 29, 2019
P3336 Economic Evaluation of the Greenhouse Tomato Short Course Agricultural Economics, Greenhouse Tomatoes May 7, 2019
P3334 Derelict Crab Traps in the Gulf of Mexico Seafood Harvesting and Processing March 25, 2019
P3335 English Ivy Livestock, Invasive Plants May 22, 2019
M1656 Host the Welcome to the Real World! simulation workshop! Family Financial Management, Volunteer Money Mentors March 25, 2019
IS1863 Move Forward When Your Income Drops Family Financial Management March 19, 2019
F1144 DISTRICT 4-H Horse Show Entry Form Youth Livestock June 17, 2019