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Information Sheets

Publication Number Title Filed Under Datesort ascending
IS1521 Use Medicines Safely Health 01-18-19
IS1530 Your Role as Education Chair of a Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Club Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers 01-18-19
IS1531 Protect Your Health From Infections Health 01-18-19
IS1351 Preparing Food During a Power Failure Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response, Food Safety, Nutrition 01-18-19
IS1433 Fruit and Nut Review - Apples and Pears Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit, Trees 01-18-19
IS1445 Fruit and Nut Review - Muscadines Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit 01-18-19
IS1448 Fruit and Nut Review - Blueberries Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit 01-18-19
IS1457 Fruit and Nut Review - Figs Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit 01-18-19
IS1423 Food - Shopping for One or Two Family Financial Management, Food, Nutrition 01-18-19
IS1408 Leadership - Treasurer of an Organization Leadership, Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers 01-18-19
IS1401 Stress Management Health 01-18-19
IS1362 Developing Family Strengths Family Dynamics 01-18-19
IS1306 Forage: Bigbee Berseem Clover Crops, Forages 01-16-19
IS0894 Potassium in Mississippi Soils Soils 01-16-19
IS0860 Forage: Bermudagrass Forages 01-16-19
IS0845 Food Preservation - Selection, Use and Care of Canning Equipment Food 01-15-19
IS0843 Forage: Bahiagrass - Mississippi's Summer Pasture Forages 01-15-19
IS0830 Forage: Tall Fescue in Mississippi Forages 01-15-19
IS0776 Better Planning: Better Meals Food, Health, Nutrition 01-15-19
IS0493 Pecan Production: Establishing an Orchard Nuts, Trees 01-15-19