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Forest & Timber Facts Humphreys County

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Forestry and forest products are a small component of Humphreys County’s economy. However, they are vitally important resources to many landowners. Forest land provides critical habitat for many wildlife species. Forest landowners enjoy their woodlands for numerous reasons such as hunting, wildlife watching, water protection, and other outdoor recreation activities. Landowners can receive revenue by harvesting timber and/or leasing their land to outdoor enthusiasts for hunting, wildlife watching, and other outdoor recreational activities. The table below illustrates the importance of forest resources to Humphreys County.

Humphreys County Forest Land Acreage, Ownership, Value, and Taxes Collected

County Information


Total Forest Land Acres, 2018


Private Ownership Acres


Public Ownership Acres


Forest Land Assessed Value, 2018


Ad Valorem Tax Collections from Forest Land, 2018


Value of Standing Timber, 2018


Value of Timber Harvested, 2019


Sources: Forest land ownership, acreage, and timber volumes were estimated using the USDA Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis Program, Forest Inventory EVALIDator web-application Version Tax collection information is based on data from the Mississippi Tax Commission and Mississippi Department of Revenue. Timber harvest values are from the Mississippi Harvest of Forest Products Report.

Benefits of Actively Managing Your Woodlands

  • More likely to realize your forestland objectives.
  • Trees grow tax deferred as they increase in value and yield.
  • Active forest management enhances wildlife habitat.
  • Sound forest management protects soil and water resources.

How to Better Manage Your Woodlands

  • Learn more by joining your local Forestry Association.
  • Have a written forest management plan for your property.
  • Reforest all harvested or idle forest land.
  • Actively manage your forested property.
  • Use advice and services of a registered, professional forester.

P3699 (POD-09-21)

By Marcus K. Measells, MS, Senior Extension Associate, Forestry; James E. Henderson, PhD, Extension Professor and Head, Coastal Research and
Extension Center. 

Department: MSU Extension- Humphreys County
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