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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3454 How Does Food Waste Lead to Sea-Level Rise? Marine Resources June 4, 2020
P3458 Commercial Chickens and COVID-19: Recommendations for Depopulating Poultry Flocks Poultry, Coronavirus June 4, 2020
P2948 Palms & Cycads for the Midsouth Landscape Landscape Resources June 2, 2020
P3457 Terminating Tarnished Plant Bug Insecticide Applications Agriculture, Crops, Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests, Insects May 29, 2020
P2938 Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Identification and Control Landscape and Garden Design May 27, 2020
P3429 Lantern and Evergreens Holiday Centerpiece Agriculture May 28, 2020
P2964 Be a Leader: Modeling Healthy Lifestyles to Young Children Health and Wellness, Children and Parenting May 26, 2020
P3210 Cottony Leak in Cucurbits Plant Diseases, Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services May 26, 2020
P3209 Setback Distances in Poultry Houses Poultry May 24, 2020
M2351 Block Play Youth Projects May 23, 2020
P3452 Effects of Flooding on Southern Bottomland Hardwoods Forestry May 22, 2020
P3459 Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) for Row Crops, Livestock, and Dairy Overview Agricultural Economics, Coronavirus May 21, 2020
IS1796 Handling Grief and Loss Coronavirus May 19, 2020
IS1686 Hidden Salt: High Sodium in Foods Food and Health May 19, 2020
P3453 Holiday Food Safety Food, Food Safety May 19, 2020
M2349 Minimizing Risk when Operating a Farmers Market Local Flavor, Farmers Markets, Coronavirus June 4, 2020
P3413 4-H LEGO Engineering Club On the Farm • Volume 2 4-H, STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math May 14, 2020
P3439 Whitefly-transmitted and Yellowing Viruses in Watermelon and Other Cucurbit Crops Vegetable Diseases May 18, 2020
P3055 Fertilizing Pecan Trees Trees May 13, 2020
P3451 Hardwoods: What Is High-Grading? Forest Management, Timber Harvest May 12, 2020