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HappyHealthy Newsletter: Easy Mealtime Tips

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Cooking is a fun and creative outlet that also lets you prepare healthy family meals. Having the right tools makes cooking easier. Here are some tips on how to make quick and easy meals.

Keep Basic Tools on Hand

  • Baking sheets and roasting pans
  • Saucepans and skillets
  • Chef’s knife, paring knife, and vegetable peeler
  • Measuring cups and spoons for both dry and liquid ingredients
  • Separate cutting boards for raw and cooked foods
  • Mixing bowls in several sizes
  • Strainer or colander
  • Tongs, spatulas, and mixing spoons
  • Pot holders and kitchen towels

Prepare in Advance

Plan to prepare in advance. Gather all tools, equipment, and ingredients you need before cooking. Wash, trim, cut, and measure all ingredients. Ask family members to help. This will save time and get everyone involved.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Double a recipe and refrigerate or freeze half for a future meal. Having an already-prepared meal will save preparation, cooking, and clean-up time!

Buy Frozen or Canned

Frozen or canned ingredients are convenient and can save preparation time. Look for canned items labeled “low sodium,” “no salt,” “no sugar,” “light syrup,” or “packed in 100% juice.”

Go-To Recipes

Keep quick and easy family-favorite recipes on hand for meal ideas on busy days. One-dish meals cut down on prep and clean-up time. HappyHealthy recipes are great options.

Publication 3608 (POD-05-21)

By Madison Payne, Regional Registered Dietitian, Extension Coastal Region; and Carly Terp, Extension Associate, Office of Nutrition Education.

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Regional Registered Dietitian

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