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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P2985 Car Seat Safety Safety and Regulations 08-10-20
P3430 14-Day Shopping and Meal Plan Coronavirus 08-04-20
P3491 2019 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Soybeans 08-05-20
P3482 Fish-Eating Birds on Catfish Ponds in the Mississippi Delta Catfish, Fisheries, Wildlife 07-30-20
P3493 Differences between Organic and Conventional Cow’s Milk Dairy 07-30-20
M2182 Water Works with Extension From the Ground Up Irrigation, Water 08-05-20
P3490 Protein Requirements for Mature Horses Animal Health 07-29-20
3377‐3 Alcorn County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-27-20
P3002 Understanding the Mississippi Agritourism Limited Liability Law Agri-tourism 07-24-20
M2361 Be a Superhero! Coronavirus 07-23-20
M2362 Be a hero! Coronavirus 07-23-20
P3173 Alternative Markets for Generating Forest Income Forestry, Forestry Impacts, Forest Management, Agroforestry 07-20-20
P2309 Holiday Houseplants Cut Flowers and Houseplants 07-16-20
P2573 Selecting and Maintaining Poinsettias Cut Flowers and Houseplants 07-16-20
M2358 Be a Hero! Protect Your People from COVID-19 Coronavirus 07-14-20
P3174 Guide to Abiotic Disorders of Woody Plants in the Landscape Commercial Horticulture, Landscape Management 07-10-20
P3486 Artificial Regeneration of Bottomland Hardwoods Forestry, Forest Management 07-08-20
P3480-3 Amite County COVID 19 Sales Subject to Sales Tax Analysis Economic Development 10-21-20
P3465 Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle: How to Visually Record Respiration Rate Livestock, Dairy 07-01-20
IS372 Soil pH and Fertilizers Soil Health 06-30-20