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Credit as an Asset

Credit as an Asset provides an introduction to credit building as a financial capability and asset building strategy and effective credit education practices.

Target Audience(s):

Individuals and businesses attempting to improve credit, people buying homes and cars, community organizations, social workers, teachers, and faith-based outreach programs


Participants will:

  • Understand credit building as an essential and viable activity, foundational to the successful implementation of any financial asset building strategy for low-income and underserved individuals and families;
  • Understand the credit industry; in particular how credit reporting, credit scoring, and consumer protection have evolved over the years;
  • Explore tools and develop skills in order to design, implement, and measure credit building programs based on client needs and goals as well as organization missions and capacities;
  • Understand how to identify affordable and responsible credit building products locally; and
  • Learn about best practices in credit education, gaining access to responsible financial products, and measuring and communicating client credit outcomes.

Total Number of Modules or Session: 4-8

Total Number of Hours for Program Delivery: 4-8

Program Delivery:

  • Educational Class
  • One-on-one Intervention
  • Webinar
  • Websites other than eXtension

Primary Contact:

Dr. Becky Smith,

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Portrait of Dr. Rebecca Campbell Smith
Associate Extension Professor