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Relationship Smart PLUS: Love U 2

Filed Under: 4-H, Health and Wellness

Relationship Smart PLUS: Love U 2 is a healthy relationships program that helps teens learn about issues such as dating and teen violence. The program is open for young people ages 13 โ€“ 18 and will teach participants:

  • Knowledge of healthy and unhealthy relationships, healthy dating patterns in terms of using effective approaches to conflict management and communication, and the importance of mutual respect, shared values, and commitment;
  • How to recognize patterns of unhealthy and abusive relationships in terms of verbal or physical aggression, controlling behavior, and lack of respect between partners;
  • How to feel empowered to problem solve and build communication skills in terms of communicating with partners about needs and view and resolving conflicts in relationships using effective communication strategies; and
  • About the choices and behaviors that can put their physical and emotional health at risk.

For more information contact Dr. Alisha Hardman at:


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