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Poultry Biosecurity

Filed Under: 4-H, Poultry

Poultry Biosecurity will assist small poultry producers that are typically not aware of common and reportable poultry diseases, which can have a severe impact on their flocks and on the Mississippi Poultry industry.

Target Audience(s):

Poultry hobbyists, 4-H and FFA students, and backyard and small scale poultry producers


Participants will:

  • Be able to recognize disease symptoms,
  • Know who to call to provide assistance, and
  • Understand the importance of biosecurity measures to protect their own flock and the flocks of others.

Total Number of Modules or Session: 1

Total Number of Hours for Program Delivery: 2

Program Delivery:

  • Educational Class
  • Group Discussion
  • Numbered Extension Publication
  • One-on-One Intervention
  • Workshop

Primary Contact:

Dr. Tom Tabler,


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