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How many times will I have to attend the board management training session?

Only once and you must be present for the entire eight hours. Upon completion of the session, you will be certified for life even if you are re-elected to the board.

Will I have to take a test?

No examinations will be given at the training session. However, you will be asked to complete a self-assessment at the beginning of each session, which lets the instructors know what type of audience is present. At the end of the training session a post-assessment will be distributed to all participants. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate each instructor as well as the board training program.

What if there are no training sessions in my area and I want to have a session held in my hometown?

Training sessions can be held upon request from an individual system or town. All sessions must have at least 15 registrations in order to meet a specific training request. Assistance in obtaining a meeting facility and notifying other area board members is preferred. You must contact Lauren Behel (phone 662-325-6807, fax 662-325-8777 or email in order to arrange a training session.

What are the differences in the training sessions held throughout the state?

Communities Unlimited, Mississippi Rural Water Association, and Mississippi Water and Pollution Control Operators' Association conduct board training sessions throughout the state. All of the instructors have pre-approval from the Mississippi State Department of Health to teach the subject matter at each session. All of the organizations distribute the same training manual and follow the same outline. Training session discussions may vary based on audience participation.

How is Mississippi State University Extension Service involved in this training?

Mississippi State University Extension Service contracted with the Mississippi State Department of Health to provide coordination and support to the Public Water System Management Training program. The University serves as a neutral third party to provide assistance to all of the organizations conducting training.

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