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4-H Fairtastic

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 5:15am

Cobie and John give out the exciting details and activities of 4-H Day at the 2019 State Fair.


Announcer: This is 4H4U2, a podcast from the Mississippi State University Extension Service promoting 4-H programs and positive youth development. Here now, your host, Dr. John Long and Cobie Rutherford.

John Long: Welcome to another edition of 4H4U2. We're the podcast that's bringing you all things 4-H in Mississippi and even touch on some national events as well. I'm your host, John Long.

Cobie Rutherford: I'm Cobie Rutherford.

John Long: Cobie, how are you doing today?

Cobie Rutherford: It is fair week, John. I couldn't be better.

John Long: It is. It's been a busy week for us for sure. We're on the road and and whatnot, and we're just excited about it. I know it's always one of my favorite times of year.

Cobie Rutherford: Same here. I have been going to state fair since I was nine years old, and I just never lose enthusiasm for them.

John Long: I never went to state fair until I started working for 4-H.

Cobie Rutherford: Really? It just became part of our annual calendar.

John Long: Right.

Cobie Rutherford: We would go show livestock and compete in different activities. It was something I kind of carried with me throughout my career. I went to state fairs in Kentucky, in Alabama, and now Mississippi. It's just something different and unique about every one of them.

John Long: Fair food keeps me coming back.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah. What's your favorite?

John Long: My favorite. Normally what I get is the kielbasa sausage and the chili cheese fries with ranch. That's my favorite, I would say, but I always like trying something different too.

Cobie Rutherford: The best thing I've ever had at the fair was in Kentucky at their state fair, and they had a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. It was basically the cheeseburger with the two buns were donuts, just glazed donuts. It was so good.

John Long: Did we have that? I haven't seen that at ours.

Cobie Rutherford: I haven't either, but if it was there, I would definitely have another one. It was really good.

John Long: I'll be on the look for them. Yeah, I've had a turkey leg before, but since it's right outside our 4-H village, I may just pick one of those up since it's so close.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, but it's always so many good things.

John Long: Yeah.

Cobie Rutherford: So earlier in the week, we set up the state fair village in a different location. Thoughts on that?

John Long: Yeah. I liked it. I think that we're going to get a lot more traffic through there than we did in our previous location. Not that there was anything wrong with our previous location, but with it being located right outside of the livestock barn, I think we'll definitely get more foot traffic in there.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, I think so too. The events, or the exhibits, were really good this year I thought, as a whole.

John Long: I liked them as well. Oh, and we'll just touch on this. Anybody that's listening that was part of the wrecking crew. Previously, it was way easier to put the village up this year.

Cobie Rutherford: Oh, yeah. Without those plywood storefronts, I guess you could say-

John Long: Right, that's what they were.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, it was much easier to hang those curtains.

John Long: It looks good, and I think it looks really good.

Cobie Rutherford: I think it does too.

John Long: Yeah. We'll just pat ourselves on the back.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, we're doing that right now, just pat.

John Long: We can't do that because...

Cobie Rutherford: Now if it rains, let's hope it doesn't, but-

John Long: If it's a 4-H event, you can be guaranteed of one thing: it's going to rain at one point or another.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah. Well, we got two weeks to make it. So maybe it'll all turn out okay.

John Long: Oh, it'll be fine.

Cobie Rutherford: Got a lot of things going on, though.

John Long: Yeah, let's talk about that. We're hoping we can get this out to everybody in a reasonable amount of time to where you can learn more about the state fair and what we've got going on as far as 4-H and 4-H Day is concerned. So, tell us about it, Cobie.

Cobie Rutherford: So, most of the exhibits are in already. We have all our exhibits that were in the Agri science shop, all our seed displays, all the environmental shop items, which I really like this year, John. There was some really good items in your shop. All of our creative arts and fashion and all that stuff is the in. We got one more entry day for our horticulture items, which is our vegetables produce, et cetera, and our baked goods items.

John Long: Now, when is that?

Cobie Rutherford: So, those have to be in by October 10th, Thursday.

John Long: Okay.

Cobie Rutherford: But if you're going to bring those, you need to let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure there are people there to judge them, and make sure they can get them displayed. But, got to be turned in on Thursday, October 10th.

John Long: Okay.

Cobie Rutherford: I kind of hope we have a lot turned in, because that way we can kind of refresh the exhibit and things look good for 4-H Day that following Saturday.

John Long: Yeah. So, what time does 4-H Day get started, I guess?

Cobie Rutherford: So our tickets, the fair commission was gracious enough to give us a lot, about 2,500 tickets for our 4-Hers. So we are able to distribute those across the state, and they can enter the gates at 8:00. Now, our activities that you and I and other staff are coordinating, they begin at 9:00.

John Long: At 9:00, okay.

Cobie Rutherford: So, we have a Public Speaking contest that morning in the Mississippi Cattleman's Association Building, which is just right across the road from the fairgrounds on Monterey Street.

John Long: Very nice building.

Cobie Rutherford: Then, we had the Fashion Review Contest that's going to be held in the Equine Center.

John Long: Okay.

Cobie Rutherford: So, it'll be kind of the opposite side of the road from where the trademark, where we usually are.

John Long: That's the Kirk Fordice-

Cobie Rutherford: The Equine Center.

John Long: The Equine Center, yeah.

Cobie Rutherford: Okay, I didn't realize that was the whole name of it, but-

John Long: Former governor.

Cobie Rutherford: Okay, good deal. So, that'll be nice over there. This will be my first time to really help with the Fashion Review contest, but I think it's pretty cool. I sent out some entry information on it.

Cobie Rutherford: Basically, there are two divisions in the Fashion Review. You have a clothing construction, where the children actually make their own garments. Then, you have a clothing selection contest, where a child will go and purchase an outfit that is appropriate for some event that they're going to, and then describe that, and why that's the right choice for them.

John Long: Like for a job interview I guess or something like that.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, or like a formal party or something like that.

John Long: I got you.

Cobie Rutherford: It can be anything as long as what the child's description of that garment or that outfit matches what they're wearing.

John Long: Now, is there any prerequisite that the individuals have to go through in order to get to this level?

Cobie Rutherford: I don't think so. We always encourage county contest for everything and go through a county level, and if possible, a district level.

John Long: Right.

Cobie Rutherford: But for state fairs, just kind of come one, come all, I think.

John Long: Right, right. Well, that's good.

Cobie Rutherford: It probably differs by county.

John Long: Right.

Cobie Rutherford: But then, I'm really excited, too, about what the Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner Gipson is doing with this Mississippi Ag Workforce Development Core.

John Long: Yes.

Cobie Rutherford: Mrs. Gayle Fortenberry is leading that, and she's kind of bringing 4-H and FFA together on a few events, and look forward to seeing her.

John Long: Shout out to Gayle. She's really done a lot of work.

Cobie Rutherford: She has done a lot of work, and it's going to be exciting to see how many 4-Hers are participating in those events and how those kind of workout. One, it's modeled after our Career Pursuit contest, and the children are doing an interview and resumes and all those kinds of things. So, it'll be interesting to see how those two contests will feed off one another.

Cobie Rutherford: Then of course, the commissioner's also doing a summit, an Ag Workforce Summit. He'll start at noon on Saturday. So, we hope a lot of our 4-Hers will go over there and hear all the things he has to say.

John Long: That's great. That's great. Yeah, they have really reached out and just going above and beyond on helping us get everything done. So, we really appreciate that with the commissioner for sure.

Cobie Rutherford: One thing that Mrs. Fortenberry mentioned to me that they've done this year is they partnered up with Hinds Community College, and they're doing kind of this combined simulator thing.

John Long: Okay.

Cobie Rutherford: I don't really know a whole lot about simulators or electronic games or anything like that, but basically the simulator, you can get in it and pretend like you're driving a combine. This kind of gives you that real life experience of being in the combine, picking the corn, or whatever.

John Long: Right.

Cobie Rutherford: So, that's kind of going to be neat, I think.

John Long: That'd be awesome. I'd like to give that a try.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah. I mean, I know I've been in a combine before picking corn or soybeans before, and just to see how different it is from real life will be pretty neat.

John Long: Yeah. Yeah, it would be cool, for sure. If they could switch it up and do different simulators.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, I'm sure that could. I don't know. I have no idea how that's going to work, but that's going to be a feature this year that's going be in the big white tent near the Coliseum.

John Long: Good deal, good deal. That's great. Now, let's step off because I've got to ask this. I'm going to step to the side and say that when we were judging exhibits, did anything particularly stick out?

John Long: I always love judging state fair, because it's really cool, I've said this before, it's cool to see the little projects and things that the 4-Hers come up with, and they've been participating in. So, I have a fair favorite this year. I'm not saying there's any less on anybody's part, but I do have a favorite one that I saw in my shop. Now, do you have one?

Cobie Rutherford: You know, I think the one that I think was the most interesting to me was a circuit board that the kids from Lauderdale County did.

John Long: I saw that one. I saw that one.

Cobie Rutherford: I thought that was the best one in my opinion.

John Long: Yeah, yeah. Mine was, and I had most fun with, was the maracas. Did you see the maracas?

Cobie Rutherford: Oh yeah, with the plastic spoons.

John Long: I've got all the materials to make those except the Easter eggs. I've got to find some plastic Easter eggs, because I wanted to do that tonight with my kids. I wanted to make them tonight.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, that is where neat. What county did those?

John Long: I can't remember. I really can't.

Cobie Rutherford: Those were very good I thought.

John Long: Yep. I had a lot of fun playing them. Kyle Lewis is awesome on them, by the way.

Cobie Rutherford: Oh, really?

John Long: Yes. He had the rhythm going. I never could get the rhythm like he did.

Cobie Rutherford: I saw those. There was quite a few of those. I thought some of the creative arts were also really good with the paintings and things.

John Long: Oh, yeah. Paintings, yes, yes, yes, yes. Very much so.

Cobie Rutherford: I thought those were really nice.

John Long: Yeah. Very, very much so. So, we don't have Ms. Debra Lloyd in here with us, but what exactly, we know we have some activities going on in the tent on 4-H Day, what about that? I know our ambassadors are going to be there. Tell us a little bit about that.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, they are. So in the 4-H tent, near 4-H Day, we hope that all our 4-Hers who got the 4-H Day tickets come through just to say hello and look at all their colleagues, their friends' exhibits or their own exhibits, but we've also got some things in there that we think will be fun to them.

Cobie Rutherford: So, the ambassadors are going to do face painting. We've got some different 4-H armbands that we're going to hand out. MVLA, the Mississippi Volunteers Leaders Association, are going to be handing out refreshments. So, that'll be nice cool down for the 4-Hers. So, a lot of things going on in there.

John Long: Okay. Yeah, the 4-H tent's nice. It's air conditioned, and you can just kind of move through and look at all the exhibits, and then kick back and just enjoy the rest of the show for sure. It's going to be a lot fun I think.

Cobie Rutherford: Yeah, and I think the weather's going to be perfect this weekend.

John Long: Yeah, I hope so. I hope so.

Cobie Rutherford: Well, this upcoming weekend.

John Long: No, it ain't upcoming weekend.

Cobie Rutherford: Yep.

John Long: Yeah. Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but they're saying we're going to have a cool down, so that'll be really good fair weather. Well, that's a pun there, but fair weather for the fair itself.

Cobie Rutherford: Be fairtastic.

John Long: It'd be fairtastic. Oh, that's a good theme. We need to pass that along. So, fairtastic. We may even make that in the show notes. That'll be fun at the fairtastic or something. I don't know. That was not good. I failed miserably at that, but we'll figure something out.

Cobie Rutherford: Good deal.

John Long: Well, that's awesome. That's basically, I guess, what we wanted to cover is just to say, "Come out and join us. We'd look forward to seeing you." If you are one of our podcast listeners, please come up to us if you see us and let us know that you listened to our show. If you don't and you're just new to this broadcast, please like and subscribe, and do whatever you got to do social media wise to spread the good word about the 4-H-4-U-2 podcast.

John Long: Now Cobie, where can individuals go if they're interested in 4-H in their area? We get that question a lot, even in the state office. Where can they go to get more information about 4-H and 4-H in their area?

Cobie Rutherford: Well to get more information about 4-H, you can visit our Extension website, which is, or contact your county Extension agent. We have those in located in all eighty-two counties across the state of Mississippi.

John Long: Isn't that wonderful that it's just so widespread that we have that ability to reach out to those young people? So, make sure that you do that. Check us out on, well, we're basically everywhere. Facebook, there's Instagram. Yeah, Twitter. So, we've got a lot of different ways that you can get in contact with us, and we hope that you do that. I got to ask this before we wrap it up, do you ride the rides any?

Cobie Rutherford: Not really.

John Long: Really?

Cobie Rutherford: Nah, I just go eat.

John Long: The food's good. It's best to ride the rides and then eat. That's my opinion.

Cobie Rutherford: That would make pretty good sense.

John Long: Yeah, yeah. So anyway, I'll tell you what mine is. The swings, I love the swings. I rode those last year. It was amazing. All right.

Cobie Rutherford: Not big on that.

John Long: Well, maybe we can get you into it one time. I'm not getting on the Ferris wheel. That's all I know. All right. Well, thank, everybody, for joining us today and hope you come out and be with us during 4-H Day at the fair. It will be, as Cobie said, fairtastic and that is October the 12th.

Cobie Rutherford: That's right.

John Long: Starting at 9:00. Well, the gates opened at 8:00.

Cobie Rutherford: That's right.

John Long: Then, our events will start at 9:00. You will be easily seen or know where to see us on the midway because we have a big 4-H sign out front and come in and join us. With that, we're going to be a calling that wraps on today's podcast. Thank you for listening.

Announcer: Thanks for joining us for 4H4U2. For more information, please visit, and be sure to subscribe to our podcast. 4H4U2 is produced by the Mississippi State University Extension Service, Office of Agricultural Communications.

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